Waterways between Oranienburg and Neuruppin

WIN Project 3: direct link between Havel and Ruppiner Gewässer – in planning

The first step will be the construction of a new lock at Friedenthal in Oranienburg. Simultaneously the restoration of the side embankments of Kremmener Rhin and Ruppiner Kanal will be targeted during the next years. The navigable link between the Ruppiner Gewässer and the Havel will connect directly via the center of Oranienburg, known for its attractive castle harbor.

WIN aims to develop an attractive and navigable water tourism area, connecting the various regions to create a link between the Baltic Sea and Poland, with the Müritz, the Berlin/Potsdam Metropolitan Region, the Ruppiner Gewässer, the Finowkanal and the river Oder.